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Preschool & Kindergarten: Ages 2.5 - 6


-Phonics, Writing & Reading







-Physical Education 


Afternoon Clubs

-Music Club (Music Instructor)

-Yoga Club (Certified Yoga Instructor)

-STEM Club

-Spanish Club

-Dance Club (Dance Instructor)

Why We Are Different? 

As each child is unique and learns in a different way, children need considerable time to develop in all areas of learning on their own pace. Most preschool and public kindergarten programs are 3-hour programs and have a higher student to teacher ratio. However, Global Kids Academy provides:

1) A Well-Rounded Academic and Creative Full Day Preschool and Kindergarten Program based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Montessori, Froebel and Reggio pedagogies with hands-on learning materials

***4-hour half-day Preschool and Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten programs are available at Global Kids II. 

2) Various Specialised Afternoon Clubs, such as Music Club, Yoga Club, Spanish Club, STEM Club and Dance Club, with specialist instructors

3) An Inspiring and Positive Learning Environment created by a loving and highly-educated headteacher with a Bachelor of Music from McGill University 

4) Low student to teacher ratio for more individual attention

5) Regular Parents' Evenings and Science Workshops

Our students build the best foundation for their happy and successful future at Global Kids Academy.    

Brain Based Learning

The frontal lobe develops the fastest between the age 3 and 6. Creativity, judgment, morality and emotion are controlled by the frontal lobe, relates directly with logical and mathematical intelligence. At this stage, rather than having one answer, it is important to have an environment with more than one answer is needed to nourish their curiosity and creativity. In addition, based on the multiple intelligence theory, we teach to develop students' multiple intelligences, reinforce their intelligence and strengthen their weak intelligence. Through variety of experiences and talent development, students will be able to research and learn by themselves and create a habit that focuses surrounding objects or phenomenon. Students will be able to clearly explain their opinions and think logically. It nourishes problem solving, creativity and imagination skills by experiencing the phenomenon and learn by themselves.


Froebel, Montessori and Reggio Education 

Friedrich Froebel is a German pedagogue, who created the concept of "Kindergarten" and developed the world's first educational toys, Froebel Gifts. Froebel approached human education from both a biological and a spiritual perspective and discovered that brain development is most dramatic between birth and age three. He recognised the importance of beginning education earlier than was then practiced. He also recognised the importance of multiple intelligences, child-centred education, parent involvement, educational paperfolding and use of music, games and movement activities for education. His educational toys, Froebel Gifts, will help children to develop their language and mathematical skills in an artistic way.  

Montessori education is an educational approach that is founded in the belief that one should provide the most positive and harmonious development of the whole child. The Montessori philosophy recognises the immense capacity of children to absorb information when given freedom and independencye to learn at their own pace. Students will learn based on Reggio pedagogy during child-led activity time and art, physical education and outdoor activity time at our Atelier, Indoor Gym and Outdoor Garden. 


Our spacious and carefully prepared classroom with Froebel, Montessori and Reggio materials allow students to develop in all areas of learning at their own pace. Focusing on the individual student and allowing them them to develop at their own pace translates into confidence, successful life-skills and an immense joy of learning. These skills and joy continue with the students' further education and throughout their adult lives.

Warm and Highly-Educated Teachers

The classroom headteacher has a Bachelor of Music from McGill University and worked as a preschool teacher and a piano and voice teacher before joining Global Kids Academy. As a highly-educated person herself, she knows the importance of well-structured early childhood education and educates her students to develop to their fullest potential on their own pace in a positive academic and creative atmosphere. 


Low Ratio

We maintain a low ratio, 1:8 - 1:10, to ensure each child receives the best quality of education. By maintaining the low ratio, our students have more one-to-one lessons and able to learn in depth depend on their potential and abilities.


Afternoon Clubs

As we believe all children born with one or more talents and it is very important to support them to develop their talents, we provide various afternoon club activities to all our students without any extra fees. All our students have opportunities to develop their musical talent by participating Music Club led by a specialist music teacher. All Preschool and Kindergarten students participate Yoga Club led by a certified yoga instructor, Spanish Club, STEM Club and Dance Club led by a dance instructor to explore various areas and develop their talents.


School Trips

Our Preschool and Kindergarten students have regular school trips related to the curriculum or afternoon club activities to experience more hands-on learning and widen their view. A destination for a school trip can be a museum, a zoo, a theatre, a sports centre, a gallery or other educational place.


Individual Plan, Report Card & Parents' Evening

Each student has an individual plan to develop to his/her fullest potential at his/her own pace. The plan is designed by the classroom head teacher based on her careful observation. All students receive a detailed report card at the end of each term and their parents can discuss about their child's progress with the child's classroom teachers at a Parents' Evening. 

After Graduation

After graduation, all students continue to their chosen private schools, language immersion schools, gifted schools or local elementary schools. If any recommendation letter is needed for admission, our managing director and teachers would be delighted to write the letter and discuss academic planning in more detail.

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