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Infant Program: 12 - 18 months old



-Practical Life




-Art, Science & Culture

-Music and Movement

-Physical Education 


Afternoon Clubs

-Music Club 

-Yoga Club 

-Sign Language Club

-Art Club

-Book Club

We know how these young children need a lot of care and attention. We have at least one teacher for every 4 students and provide individualised care for the students, responding to their needs, interests and development. We ask parents to provide their prepared formula (if child cannot drink dairy milk) and nappies along with wipes as it is comforting for a child to use the same ones as you use at home. Our nurturing and well-trained teachers support children in their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development through a range of stimulating and creative activities. Our Infant Education is a brain, Montessori and Reggio-based education.


Brain Based Learning

Until a child reaches 3, the neuron cell circuit and the cortex (where the critical thinking and mental activity places) are most active. Therefore, rather than teaching foreign languages or biased learning cards, it is a better option to provide an environment that triggers their five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch) and an environment that will assists their even and steady growth. Global Kids Academy focuses on steady and even brain development and emotional development until the age of 3 rather than focusing on a specific ability. In addition, based on the multiple intelligence theory, we teach to develop students’ multiple intelligences, reinforce their strength intelligence and strengthen their weak intelligence. Variety of education and experiences will be enjoyable to the students and reminding them that learning is sweet like a honey and it’s a fun thing to do, and will benefit children in the long run.


Authentic Montessori Education 

Montessori Education is an educational approach that is founded in the belief that one should provide the most positive and harmonious development of the whole child. The Montessori philosophy recognises the immense capacity of children to absorb information when given freedom and independencye to learn at their own pace. 


Our carefully prepared Montessori classrooms allow students to develop independently in all areas of learning according to their inner psychological and motivational needs. Focusing on the individual student and allowing them them to develop at their own pace translates into confidence, successful life-skills and an immense joy of learning. These skills and joy continue with the students' further education and throughout their adult lives.


Highly-Qualified Teachers

The classroom head teacher has a Bachelor of Nursing and many years of experience in taking care of infants. With her experience of working as a registered nurse in a pediatric department, she understands young children's feeling and needs and responds quickly to them. She believes that infants can learn a lot of new things very quickly as their brain is very flexible and absorbent like a sponge. 


Afternoon Clubs

As we believe all children born with one or more talents and it is very important to support them to develop their talents, we provide various afternoon club activities to all our students without any extra fees. All our Infant Classroom students participate Music Club led by a specialist music teacher, Yoga Club, Sign Language Club, Art Club and Book Club to explore various areas and develop their talents.


Our Goals for the Infant Program

*Healthy Body - Developing Gross and Fine Motor Skills through Various Physical and Creative Activities

*Creative and Intelligent Brain - Developing Creative and Cognitive Intelligences through Montessori and Reggio Emilia Activities

*Positive Behaviours - Learning to Express Kindness to Others and Developing Socially in a Positive Way

*Emotional and Creative Development - Understanding Others, Expressing Creatively and Learning to Care Others and Environment


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