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Our Philosophy

'Education changes people and the people change the world!'

 Global Kids Academy (GKA) believes that 'education changes people and the people change the world' and happy children make the happy world. 


At Global Kids Academy we place a great emphasis on creativity and emotional development. Our students are encouraged to display kindness, learn to have respect for one another and understand feelings. We believe in the importance of building firm foundations for good manners and sociability. At our school, students learn to be independent and care for others.


According to the experts, more than 90% of all brain development occurs by the age of 5. We believe that having a well-structured all round education in early years is not optional, but essential to develop brain to its full potential and have a happy and successful life in the future. With this belief, our curriculum and afternoon club program are designed based on the theory of multiple intelligences (details) and the Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Froebel methods. We also believe that adults should support children to optimise their flexible and liberal mind. Their creativity and flexibility will be an important factor to live a successful life in the future.   


As we live in a multicultural world and our children will live in even more diverse world, we encourage our students to learn and experience different cultures by enjoying multicultural activities and various cuisines every week and a multicultural event every month. When there is a conflict, the old students are encouraged to solve conflicts peacefully by talking at a peace table. Our students learn to live happily with others in harmony.




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