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Creative and Emotional Education

Young children are highly creative with a natural tendency to fantasise, experiment and exploration of their environment. However, the researchers say that their creativity starts to decline when they become five or six years old.


Our programs enable the children to think creatively and critically in order to solve problems and to make a difference for the betterment. It gives them the opportunity to become creative, innovative, enterprising and capable of leadership to equip them for their future lives as global citizens as well as global leaders.


To help children to develop their creativity:

1. We provide various creative programs and encourage children to be engaged in the creative programs. At Global Kids Academy, the children can develop their creativity through a range of creative programs, such as art, music, drama, and cooking.

2. We provide a creative environment that encourages children to play. Both creativity and games require imagination, problem solving, the ability to experience emotion and to make choices. At Global Kids Academy, imaginative games and free choice of activities are important as much as planned activities and education.

3. We provide inspiring and creative teaching that can foster creativity in young children. Our teachers are aware of the importance of providing the optimum balance between structure and freedom of expression for young children. They tolerate ambiguity, ask children open-ended questions, encourage experimentation and persistence, and appreciate the children who provide unexpected answers.



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